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Oxford English Grammar Course

Oxford English Grammar Course 

Who is this book for?
the Oxford English Grammar Course (Advanced Level) is for people who have a good knowledge
of English, but who want to speak or write more correctly, perhaps for academic or professional

What kind of English does the book teach?
This book teaches modern British English. lt deals with the grammar of speech and writing in
both formal and informal styles.
How is the book organised?
There are two parts.

1.Word and sentence grammar:
Part 1 deals with the structures that are important at this level for combining words into
sentences. lt has seventeen Sections, each covering a major topic and containing:
an introduction to the topic
a number of one- or two-page lessons with explanations and exercises
(in most Sections) two or three 'More Practice' pages.
2. Grammar beyond the sentence
Part 2 contains lessons on the structures that are important for writing and reading more
complex texts. Much of this material will be helpful to university students. Other lessons in
Part 2 deal with the grammar of natural informal conversation.

(Note that there is not always a clear dividing line between sentence grammar and text
grammar, so some topics appear in both Part 1 and Part 2.)